Business Optimisation

We work with you to help you save money by better understanding your technology, assets and customers and redesigning services to meet their needs. We look at how you can leverage the investment in the technology and infrastructure that you have made over the years and provide you with recommendations on what you should consider discontinuing and/or disposing of any that is ineffective.

We identify how you can eliminate waste by investing in new technologies, redesigning processes and stopping, reducing or transferring the responsibility for services that offer no value to your customers or meets their needs.

We use a range of techniques which can be adopted as stand-alone or part of strategy development and delivery.

Current State Analysis

We work with you to undertake full cataloguing and analysis of your technology assets, including applications, infrastructure and network.  We cover everything from the technologies deployed through to their support arrangements and on-going cost of ownership.  This can be delivered in an online catalogue for you to manage and maintain on an on-going basis and comes complete with a cartographical view.

Value Chain Development

We develop Value Chains to demonstrate the core business processes and activities which are key to your organisation in delivering value to your customers. These can be either internal or external. Value Chains will:

- Provide you with a simple view of the core business processes that are fundamental to the running of your business
- Identify key people involved, inter-relations, challenges, documents, systems (lack of)
- Highlight duplicate processes / inefficient processes
- Gauge your business needs
- Provide insight into where technology investment maybe required   

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping will give you a single cross-business unit view of the customer’s experience, across all touchpoints between the customer and the organisation. Our approach to customer journey mapping identifies satisfaction levels, key moments of truth, channels of communication and areas of waste throughout your customer’s journeys, enabling you to re-design the journey to improve the customer experience and reduce cost to serve.

Business Capability Modelling

We create a unique, single page view of your business for informing analysis and guiding decision making.  We use Value Chain analysis conducted through a series of half day workshops to better understand your business and the capabilities you need to support your strategy.  We can also accelerate this work with industry models we have created.  Additionally, we provide an initial assessment of the value and operational contribution each capability makes to your business.

Due Diligence

Typically driven by merger and acquisition activity, we can independently assess the IT assets and capabilities of organisations to deliver an unbiased opportunity and risk evaluation.  This can be used to inform your outline business case.  Post this work, we often are engaged to create a new IT Strategy and blueprint for the target organisation.

Project Rescue

An independent assessment of your programme or project looking at all dimensions from motivation and sponsorship, through governance and planning to technology and implementation.  We provide clear direction on how to address any issues and risks that you may be facing and have a successful track record in turning multi million pound projects around.

Rachel Whitworth

Head of Public Sector Consulting

We help you take a step back so you can see the overall picture of how your people, processes, technology and customers work together. This makes it easier for you to take better decisions for your business.

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