Managed Architecture

Our Managed Architecture service allows you to keep up with relentless business change by letting us worry about covering your IT architecture and design needs. Despite the constant ebb and flow of project activity, we can augment your team as demands change, making sure projects are delivering business benefits and working toward your architectural goals, without slowing things down. You stay in control and can be confident in the quality and compliance through our embedded service delivery support. 

Enterprise & Solution Architecture

In addition to the full Managed Architecture Service, we are happy to provide individual and tailored services, delivering specific Enterprise or Solution Architect consultants on a time and material or project basis.

Architecture Tooling

When you want to industrialise your architecture and design process improving design efficiency and impact analysis, we can design, implement and even run your Architecture toolkit using technology such as SPARX.

Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Brown

Director of Delivery

We are one of the industry's best kept secrets. We have been providing Enterprise & Solution Architecture services to some of the UK’s most successful high-tech companies for almost 10 years. This has enabled them to grow quickly and safely while keeping technical complexity in check.

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