The flexible, scalable and collaborative delivery of project driven change, on demand at the pace demanded by your market.

We have the wealth of experience and mature methods needed to design and deliver project driven change through you and your business systems.   

Managed Change

Our Managed Change service provides a scalable service that delivers projects, reliably and cost effectively, at the rate needed by your business. 

We apply mature process and tools to ensure your requirements are fully understood and the solutions are designed around best practice architectural standards.

Right at the heart of this is Knowledge Management.  Whether we built your system or we are taking on your existing estate, our first step is to understand and document it, so we can enhance it effectively, maintaining that knowledge through the peaks and troughs of demand.

As with our Managed Support service, you will also get a dedicated Service Manager to work closely with you to understand demand so we can be responsive and help you to manage costs while delivering on time, to a high standard.

Matt Kitching

Matt Kitching

Head of Application Engineering

Our approach leverages the knowledge, architecture and service management features that are core to the service. That means we can anticipate, ramp up quickly and so reliably deliver change on time, all while containing cost.

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