Our Managed Support service is designed to ensure that your business systems are stable, available and performant so you can concentrate on delighting your customers.

We bring mature tools and processes, run by experts, for the Support and Operation of your business systems, applying and sustaining architectural principles.

Managed Support

Our Support and Operations team constantly monitor your business systems. Not just in terms of availability, but as the end user perceives it through the measured performance of key processes and response times.

Our ‘always on’ approach means minimal downtime and high grade security.  Rigorous change control and continuous testing ensure changes go in and stay in without business impact.

Proactive maintenance, small changes and management of applications and infrastructure are seamless.

All our clients have dashboards which show how all their services are performing  and a dedicated Service Manager to ensure our performance continuously improves.

Matt Kitching

Matt Kitching

Head of Application Engineering

We focus on knowledge, measurement and performance improvement so we can relentlessly improve our service. What really matters is that your systems perform, 24/7, across all processes and that when they don’t we can respond in an instant to restore service.

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