We work with you to ensure that business and technology are aligned to achieve your business ambitions.  Bringing our insight and experience, models and tools we create winning strategies, actionable roadmaps & clear guidance.  Our Business Capability led approach helps us focus on WHAT business capabilities you need to deliver your strategy in a technology neutral way, determining your business capabilities’ current performance and HOW they need to evolve to achieve success.

IT Strategies

Definition of a multi year IT Strategy aligning technology with your business plan.  Using our proven Demand-Control-Supply model, typically, the work can be done in 6-8 weeks. It delivers not only a plan for the evolution of your applications and infrastructure but a clear statement of the business needs and ensures that you have an appropriate operating model to allow you to execute the strategy.

Digital Strategies

Digital technology is shaping and impacting a broad range of companies, sectors and the relationships organisations have with their customers. It is also changing how customers are making decisions about the products and services they use. We work with you to develop a Digital Strategy that sets out how technology can help you save money by delivering more accessible digital services through the most appropriate channels for your customers. 

Information Management Strategies

Data is valued as a key asset in organisations, where colleagues aspire to:

- Know what information they need and how to find it
- Are able to collaborate effectively and share knowledge securely
- Understand their responsibilities around data security
- Have the tools in place to derive insight from information and make evidence based decisions to deliver better services

We work with you to establish a current state of your information management and design a set of template solutions for managing data within your business.  


A roadmap helps define and communicate where you are heading, how you will get there, by when and how much it will cost. Our approach to roadmap development is through engagement with key stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts. We work with you to develop an understanding of the current state and desired target state and co-create the resulting roadmap with you to ensure buy-in. The roadmaps are delivered in a clear and communicable format backed by a clear investment model.

Innovation Management

Our innovation management approach address key challenges that businesses face when trying to innovate. How can I drive innovation within my organisation? How can I encourage my teams to think differently and find efficiencies? How can I try new things whilst minimising my investment and risk? We work with you to setup and operate an ‘engine room’ for innovation within your business, applying our cross-industry expertise and experience in agile delivery to provide a sustainable approach to generating, prioritising, developing, testing and implementing new ideas in your organisation.

Rachel Whitworth

Head of Public Sector Consulting

The sign of a great IT strategy is one that makes your business more efficient, more profitable and better at responding to change.

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