Transformational Delivery

We can quickly stand up a skilled and experienced team, delivering strategically significant change programmes on behalf of a client where they do not have the capacity or skills available. Providing change leadership, design and delivery resources, typically as follow-on from IT Strategy or Project Rescue activity we have undertaken.

Transformational Delivery

We specialise in leading, augmenting or assuring transformational delivery. Using one of our proven methodologies, tailored to your situation, provides a low risk method of establishing (or closing) a delivery programme that the client is otherwise unable to achieve due to a lack of skills or capacity.

Design & Delivery Assurance

Given our expertise in Architecture and Delivery, we are often asked to combine these skills and provide design & delivery assurance to clients who are undertaking large-scale programme changes alone or through Technology Vendors and tier-1 System Integrators. We act as the eyes and ears of the sponsoring stakeholders to keep the delivery on track and focused on securing the long-term benefits. Often, this journey starts at the Strategy and RFP stage, where we are engaged to support the strategy creation and vendor selection.

Model Office

A short (3-6 week) intensive activity to build a ‘prototype’ of a solution based upon a sub-set of the clients requirements to demonstrate the art of the possible. Provides confidence and aligns expectations between IT and Business areas. Inspiring new requirements or adjustments to the approach and informing the business case are key additional benefits delivered.  

Project Kickstart

The first step is usually the hardest, so deciding how to start a complex change can lead to organisational procrastination. We are often asked to help organisations overcome this challenge by using our team, in cooperation with our clients team, to take those first steps together. Often this is combined with our ’Model Office’ approach to visualise early results. We find this works particularly well when organisations may be attempting a transition to agile delivery methods for the first time.

Delivery Resource Provision

When you have everything under control, but still need an injection of skilled resources, we can provide the delivery resources you need.

Jeremy Brown

Director of Delivery

Delivering transformation or complex projects is hard. We can help you get started, deliver, assure or close difficult deliveries. We believe in staying relentlessly focused on the benefits, managing requirements and expectations closely. We have found an agile approach typically successful in achieving this.

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